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TWK DJ LIVE  was born in 2018 due to huge demand from our client’s to produce a version of The White Keys that could work with any venue, stage space, budget or crowd.

Centered around two of the best DJs London has to offer, our line ups feature all of the usual TWK repertoire as backing tracks, plus plenty more chart and dance hits, all skilfully mixed by music experts Cross The DJ & Russ Ryan.

DJ LIVE will provide you with continuous music from the start of your event to the end of the night with fully interactive line ups who will spend their time working the dance-floor and performing amongst your guests. Generally starting at a trio of DJ and 2 x TWK singers for smaller budgets and events, you have complete control over building your own band.

As you can see in our Ibiza Heritage videos below, our DJ Live bands can end up as big as 14 piece and fall everywhere in between. We recommend starting with Saxophone and Percussion as the second two additions, and then adding on whatever you like. We can help you with what usually works the best!

… and if course, if you’d like to hire a DJ on their own, that’s no problem either!

Get in touch to find out about line ups, set times and more.


Our tribute to the very best Ibiza Classics, Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra, TWK IBIZA is our brand new ‘niche’ project for 2019.

Similarly to DJ LIVE, this is a pre-produced, interactive club show with tracks triggered by either our drummer or one of our DJs. All instruments and backing vocals already feature on the original tracks, so what instruments you have live and what you have on record is entirely up to you!

TWK IBIZA can perform as small as a three piece (DJ/DRUMS + two musicians), right up to a full 14 piece orchestra as shown on our videos.

The flexibility is down to your budget, space and the aesthetic vision for your night.

Head over to our contact page to find out more!



We are a supplier of DJs and accompanying musicians for venues across London, including Cuckoo Club, 100 Wardour Street, Selfridge’s, JUJU, Libertine & Egg.

With club sax, percussion and some of the best DJs on speed dial, we can provide whatever musicians you need to help bring your night to life.