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TWK NHSOkay… so it’s a little bit later than we’d planned but we are SO excited to officially announce our NHS Wedding Entertainment Package Competition worth £8,000!

It goes without saying our amazing NHS staff have gone above and beyond for all of us over the last few months, and we think we speak for the whole country right now when we say we cannot thank-you enough 🙏🏻

It’s really not much, and we don’t think any of us will manage to top the legendary Captain Tom Moore, but we just wanted to find our own way of giving back for everything NHS workers already do, and have done for our country this year.

We think you are all complete heroes ❤️


We have teamed up with Heathrow Sound & AV Hire to give away a Wedding Entertainment Package worth £8,000 to one lucky NHS worker (or couple) in the midst of planing their wedding, whether that be 2021, 2022 or beyond.

Please note that the wedding must be held in mainland UK.

Here is what you will win:



Full production courtesy of Heathrow Sound Hire!

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So What Exactly Is Included?
  •   The White Keys in an 8 or 10 piece band format (dependant on venue size) as your evening entertainment. You can choose a fully live band, or DJ Live depending on your preference and tailor our 300 song strong set list to suit your tastes however you like.

We’ll even learn your first dance for you <3


  • We’ll also include our full production package including interactive dance-floor and stage lighting, all set on top a tiered white lined stage for extra wow-factor as per picture above.


  • Live music for your Ceremony & Drinks Reception.



What Do We Need From You?

We think you are all doing enough right now so we are going to keep this simple:

We would just like to hear a little bit about you, your job, what the last few months have been like, your wedding plans so far and where you will be getting married!

Mostly just because we are interested over any other reason 🤣

And although we can’t imagine it… JUST in case we get anyone entering who is unkind enough to take this opportunity away from someone who truly deserves it, we probably will need to see some proof of your job.


Who Can Enter?

ANYONE working in the NHS right now who doesn’t yet have a booking with us.

You don’t have to be an NHS couple, if one of you is part of the National Heath Service – You are eligible!

We would also LOVE to hear from friends, family, partners of anyone going the extra mile at the moment.  If someone you love is planning a wedding, out on the frontline and you think they particularly deserve this, we want to hear from you!

Multiple submissions from different people for the same person are very much allowed 🙂


Closing Date & Winner Announcement

Seeing as all of you are extremely busy at the moment, and we are sure wedding plans and entering competitions will not be at the top of your priorities we are going to leave this open for submissions until:

JULY 25th 2020

The winner will be announced:

AUGUST 1st 2020



Email us your submissions at

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

We can’t wait to hear from you,

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